In 2019, utilizing the experience and friendships acquired from time spent with several non-profits, Tom launched Talking with Tom (TWT). TWT started as a simple concept: offer a cup of coffee and egg biscuit to any current or recently homeless individuals who wanted to sit and discuss any problems they faced and Tom would suggest various remedies. Covid put a damper on that initial concept but TWT has still blossomed. It now focuses on twice weekly meal and mask delivery to individuals needing to discuss housing or healthcare needs. TWT believes everyone deserves adequate housing, healthcare and food to avoid hunger. (3Hs)

A current focus for TWT is informing individuals on how to access the COVID vaccine and to encourage folks to get vaccinated. Once COVID is defeated government will hopefully focus on attacking the 3Hs- as intently as it focused on the 3W’s to beat Covid. TWT plans to serve as a conduit between those in need of assistance and the resources available to address those needs. This effort will include working more closely with local community leaders and non profits on improving the connection between citizens in need and available resources. The key force behind TWT is to love thy neighbor as thyself and thus everyone matters –so lets all start talking to each other.